Mike Hallewell began his career in the flooring industry in 1978. He started a carpet cleaning business in Santa Cruz County , California . By 1983 in addition to the cleaning business he became involved as a licensee of Rug Doctor Incorporated. In 1988 he moved to Las Vegas , Nevada while still maintaining his ownership of the business in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. He also bought and ran the Rug Doctor franchises in seven San Francisco bay area counties, southern Nevada , southern Utah , northern Arizona , eastern California and central and southern Colorado . In addition to these he owned and managed the Rug Doctor Pro franchise in Las Vegas , Nevada and the Fiber.Seal franchise in Las Vegas , Nevada .
In the early 90’s he became “certified” with the Institute of Inspection , Cleaning and Restoration Certification association. His certifications would eventually include: Carpet Cleaner, Journeyman Textile Cleaner, Upholstery & Fabric Cleaner, Color Repair, Water Damage Restoration, Substrate Sub floor Inspector, and Senior Practicing Carpet Inspector!
      In addition to being certified with the IICRC he has completed dozens of different classes and successfully passed classes and exams to become certified with the International Certification Registry, as a carpet inspector. The Floor Covering Institute of Technical Services, (FCITS) as a practicing carpet inspector. .Mannington Mills as a vinyl floor covering inspector. Fiber.Seal International as a certified protection applicator and cleaning technician. Catastrophic Damage & Restoration Network as a restoration expert. L & N Services as a certified Pergo Laminate flooring inspector. Rug Doctor Pro as a cleaning technician. Mike has also attended classes of instructions for inspecting Anderson and Award hard wood flooring.
Over the past almost twenty years Mike has inspected THOUSANDS of floors in several western states.
Mike holds a four year university bachelors degree in business management from the University of Phoenix . He has also completed work on his master’s degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas .
In addition to his flooring experience Mike is a licensed building contractor in the state of Nevada , holding contractor license number 0068992 in good standing with the state of Nevada Contractors Board.